Medium Gorilla Tub® 26L

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The 26L Medium Gorilla Tub®, previously known as Tubtrugs is a flexible and weather resistant tub that is built to last. You can use this tub for everything! The golf patterned handles make Gorilla Tub® easy to carry around. Made from food-grade material, Gorilla Tub® is suitable for storing and food preparation. 


  • Features: Colour Match, Eco-Friendly, Flexible Sides, Food Grade, Non-Toxic, Recyclable, Weather Resistant
  • Volume: 26L
  • Weight: 650g
  • Height: 30cm
  • Diameter: 39cm

Want a Lid?

Add a medium size Tubtop to keep the contents fresh or to make your Gorilla Tubs stackable.

More Information

Thousands of Australians agree: Gorilla Tubs (formerly Tubtrugs) are the ideal solution for your storage and carrying needs. With uses indoors or outside, in the garden or to help keep the house tidy, Gorilla Tubs does the job with style.

Gorilla Tubs are durable, resilient and flexible: they will stand up to whatever you can throw at them. Available in 8 convenient sizes, you can use Gorilla Tubs to store anything—even food (excluding black)! Gorilla Tubs are made of certified food grade safe virgin low-density polyethylene (excluding black), which means they are non-toxic and safe. For more information on food-grade material, click here.

Traditionally rustic ‘trugs’ were made from woven wood, but these stylish modern equivalents have so much more to offer: Gorilla Tubs are available in 10 brilliant colours, and they’re UV and frost proof, and fade resistant. They won’t crack or deteriorate, no matter what you have stored in them, or where you’re keeping them. And the iconic design of Gorilla Tubs is a result of form following function –Gorilla Tubs are strong enough to carry up to 100 kilograms (except for the micro mini and extra small shallow sizes) and the ‘golfball’ handles not only look good, they’re ergonomically built for comfort.

Because Gorilla Tubs are virtually indestructible, you never have to worry about them cracking, shattering, splitting or breaking. They’re great for everything from storing ice and drinks at a party, to keeping pet beds off the floor, to containing the mess of toys that live in the kids’ rooms. The micro-mini size is just the right size for the lolly bags at kids’ parties!

Gorilla Tubs are ideal for your outdoor storage and gardening tasks as well as your indoor jobs. If you’re hanging out the laundry; mixing cement, render or grout for a renovation; harvesting from your veggie garden; or just need to carry your tools around with you, there’s a perfectly-sized Tubtrug for every project.

Add a Gorilla Tubs to your basket and get organized!

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Medium Gorilla Tub® 26L
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1 Review

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  • John - 6th Aug 2020

    Best tubs ever

    I will never purchase those other cheaps tubs again. Red Gorilla all the way!

1 Review

  • John - 6th Aug 2020

    Best tubs ever

    I will never purchase those other cheaps tubs again. Red Gorilla all the way!

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